CRM Analyst

The Person:

  • Ability to creatively solve business problems. Actively seeks out and isolates issues
  • Ability to define, map, optimize and follow business processes. Seeks to leverage industry best practices
  • An excellent written and verbal communicator. An excellent listener
  • Motivated, hard working. Willing to be hands-on
  • Level headed, not easily rattled. Is open to receiving and sharing constructive feedback
  • Tech savvy. Intelligent, open minded learner
  • Operates comfortably and confidently with managers and executives
  • Respectful, personable and supportive. Values relationships

The Job:

  • Assists clients and prospective clients with the evaluation, selection, and implementation of sales force & marketing automation solutions
  • Assist clients with optimization & alignment of business processes within and around the sales force & marketing automation solution
  • Successfully defines and manages project scope & resources to fulfill project requirements
  • Coordinates with software development team to implement and test customizations and integrations to other systems
  • Tests and validates the final solution with the client
  • Creates and delivers training & supporting materials to the client

The Skills:

  • CRM experience
  • Knowledge of sales & marketing processes
  • Four-year degree in related field preferred

If you are interested in this position please submit your resume with cover letter to Three30 Group Human Resources.